Leanne Johnson is a text-based artist, editor, publisher, and educator. She has a BA in English Literature and an MPUB from Simon Fraser University, where she now teaches.

Her career began writing for Kinesis (Canadas national feminist magazine). She went on to co-direct/curate the Publication program at the Western Front Society, which produced FRONT Magazine, was a director of the BC Association of Magazines, and worked as a publishing consultant to the Banff Centre Press.  

Publishing as “leannej,” her work has been described as “hovering between writing and conceptual art,” and has been displayed in galleries, online, magazines, and books. Her books include, Long­Range  Forecast Variable (2002), Re­reading the Riot Act (2011), Staying  Beauty (2013), and Monument (2014). Her most recent texts explore the form of animated and interactive digital narratives.

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