Leona thinks that anger is a white hot spring that lurks in the bottom of her stomach. Like an underground spring, it innocently lurks, unseen and unacknowledged until it burst. Like one of those hot springs at the Yellowstone Park. It just blows. At first, it is cleansing this eruption, like lancing a cyst. But later, it leaves you feeling unclean, exposed, and ugly.

A Not Too Far Distant Set of Possibilities at A Critical Point in A Rural District

Criteria For Determining a Street Youth:

There are exactly nine ways of determining if a child is a Street Youth

  1. youth must have used one social service facility
  2. they must have left school before completing grade twelve
  3. they must live away from their family or guardian at least 2 days in the last year
  4. they must have run away or been thrown out of their home at least once
  5. they must have been homeless at least once
  6. they must be 24 or under
  7. they must consider themselves to be homeless
  8. they must have committed more than one crime without being arrested
  9. they must meet three or more of the above criteria
Moving To a Major Metropolitan Centre

The Contents of Leona’s Dufflebag Upon Moving to a Major Metropolitan Centre:

  1. one pair of faded army pants
  2. one pair of faded button up jeans
  3. several band t-shirts
  4. seven faded and well worn bikini underpants (one for each day of the week)
  5. three pairs of fishnet stockings, one green and two black
  6. eight pairs of black socks
  7. two mini-skirts, one black lycra and one fake-skin
  8. one black diary for the year, 1988
  9. one pair of red high heels
  10. three wallets, one containing all of Leona’s identification, the others containing all her mother’s and step-father’s identification and credit cards plus 300 dollars.
Grey Day

Leona woke-up to another grey day. The sky was grey, her bedding was also grey and she felt, that if you could see her organs, they would be grey too. She knew it was going to be a long day.

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