Pre-flight Nerves

On Friday, I found myself standing in a grocery store, I was holding a mango. I had no idea why I was holding a mango. I didn’t even know why I was in the store. To make matters worse, I confided all this to the mango. When it occurred to me that 1. I was inexplicably holding a mango and 2. talking to it. I put the mango back and slunk out of the store.

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If a Flower Dies….

The Activist says,

“I heard about a boy. The boy picked a flower and gave it to his mother. At first, he was happy, because by giving her this gift  he had made her happy. But later, when he saw the flower wilting in a glass of water, he began to wonder, ‘If the flower dies, will I die?'”

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New Project

From the Art Metropole Archives, FILE Magazine

The Wandering Art Metropole Publications and Ephemera Archive
Co-produced by Project Space and Art Metropole
Artist interactions by leannej and Spoox Audiozine
Support structures by Shane Krepakevich
Opening Reception: Friday, October 5 at 8pm
(also the Reception for the Vancouver Art/Book Fair)
Open House as part of Institutions by Artists: Saturday, October 13 at 10pm
Exhibition: October 5 – November 17