ReReading the Riot Act II-Performance Cabaret

The Waldorf Hotel

Wednesday, June 15 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm

An an ongoing interrogation of the historical events of April 23, 1935 — when Mayor Gerry McGeer read the Riot Act to the relief camp protesters, their families and supporters gathered at Victory Square — Rereading the Riot Act_ Performance Art Cabaret offers contemporary responses to Vancouver’s turbulent labour history.

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Upcoming Performance

One June 15th I will be performing in a cabaret at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver.  The theme for this event is “Reading the Riot Act.” It is an interesting subject which touches on some of the areas I have been working in.

I have been working on some new material for the show, but I must admit that I am struggling a little with the politic of it. If that makes sense? I think the work I do is political but it isn’t about politics. This show is about politics. And this is why I am struggling a little. Although, I like the challenge of it.