Print Ready 2017
A small mouse with an ear on its back, speaks into the mic.

Drawing by My Name Is Scot in Leannej’s book, The Conference.

Gave and Took Ink Press will have new books by Leannej and My Name Is Scot in Print Ready 2017. Join us for the opening!

*** Over 30 publications plus: paintings, prints, sculpture, and digital media installation ***

Opening Night: Saturday March 25th, 7pm – late
Viewing: Sunday March 26th, 12pm – 5pm

Dynamo Arts Association

Print Ready 2017 includes recent publications by Marc Bell & Owen Plummer, Stephane Bernard, Kyle Buds, Cabin Collective, Sarah Ellis Clark, Jo Cook, Zandi Dandizette, William Dereume, Ben Duncan, Carli Erin Boisjolie, Gave and Took Press (leannej and My Name Is Scot), Jaz Halloran, Kristen Hatfield, Cassandra Hasanov, Neoglythic Media, Miriam Levine, Sarah Lowenbot, Juli Majer, Tylor MacMillan, Caitlin McDonagh, Drew Miller, Cole Pauls, Perro Verlag, Laura Perry, Phaedra Harder & Stephanie McDonnell, Sonya Ratkay, Sylvie Ringer, Sandra Sanchez, Joel Skavdahl, Sarah Sinner, Melanie Thibodeau, Erica Wilk, & Zine Club.

Neoglyphic Media (Bellingham Washington) will present their brand new issue of Emergence: Cover by Drew Miller, with additional contributions by Theo Ellsworth, Danielle, Nou, Ben Duncan, Joel Skavdahl, Wyatt Hersey, Ben Nadler, and Vinnie Neuberg.
Zine Club will present an installation featuring a curated selection of international digital and print artists from its collective.

Print Ready was started in order to promote the work of artists experimenting with self-publishing zines and books. The aim is to foster additional support for artists working within the versatile medium of self-publishing. Print Ready is a non-profit project that hosts book and zine launches, in addition to large group exhibitions. Our office is located in Vancouver at Dynamo Arts Association. Print Ready was founded in January 2014, by Nathan Jones and Michael Lachman.

Board of Directors
Nathan Jones – President
Vinny Gibson – Secretary
Adrienne LaBelle – Volunteer Coordinator

The Conference: To Remember Animals

I am just finishing the layout of my newest art book, The Conference: To Remember Animals. The Conference will be making its debut at Print Ready 2017, which will take place over two days, March 25th and 26, 2017. The show is at Dynamo Arts Association, Suite 103 – 30 East 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC.

My Name Is Scot provided the illustrations for the Conference. I have uploaded a few for you to see! They are superb! You can buy a copy of the limited edition book for $15.00 at Print Ready or send me a message.

A small mouse with an ear on its back, speaks into the mic.

And as a show of good faith, the good doctor allowed many of his laboratory subjects to come to this conference.

Seasons: Artist Books From Four Phases of the Year
Excerpt from Hope Chest

Excerpt from Hope Chest

Excerpt from Hope Chest

Excerpt from Hope Chest

Happy to report that Hope Chest is travelling in the Spring section of this travelling exhibition curated by the lovely Manu Buchting.

“Season’s” is a travelling exhibition of “artists books inspired by the four phases of the year.” Curated by Manu Buchting, the show brings together work by 25 different artists and makes a stop at the newly christened Pointyhead Book Arts Gallery. Smallest and (probably) largest of its kind in Toronto, PBAG (!) is squeezed like a long title on a short spine into Don Taylor and Reg Beatty’s new bookbinding studio. Also on hand will be alcohol and air conditioning. Hope to see you there.”