The Conference: To Remember Animals

The Conference: To Remember Animals

Published by Gave and Took Press, The Conference: To Remember Animals is an adventure set in a Holiday Inn near you. Written by Leannej with illustrations by My Name Is Scot, The Conference brings together” the species that humans like as well as those they dislike”–the participants in this year’s conference examine the latest media theory that positions animals as technology.

“The conference starts with a slight scheduling difficulty. Almost all attendees are present; however, the media theorist—who was to start this year’s event—is late. The rabbit stands backstage. He keeps looking at the clock with his one good eye. Unaware that he has become a cliché, he mutters, “Oh dear. She’s late. She’s absolutely late.

Already on stage are the evening’s panel: a crow, a goose and a tiger. Even from backstage, the rabbit can hear the tiger grumbling to the two other panellists—and the rabbit can imagine that the other panellists are unhappy too.

There is a quick backstage conference with the other organizing team members—all rabbits as well. It is agreed that the rabbit must stall the audience until the special guest arrives. The rabbit is reluctant, but the other members push him through the curtain. Resigned, the rabbit steps toward the podium, adjusts the microphone and addresses the audience.

The rabbit reminds the audience of this year’s theme, To Remember Animals. The audience reacts according to species (or is it genus?). The rabbit, looking toward the panellists, suggests that they, and the audience, participate in a group discussion of the theme while they wait for the keynote speaker.”

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