Hope Chest

When Leona was eleven, she received a one year subscription to Chatelaine magazine—the subscription was a gift from her mother. Although she enjoyed reading the magazine, the prescriptive elements of the beauty columns often confused her, “What shape is your face?”, the magazine would ask, and Leona couldn’t decide if her face was round or square, or was it heart or oval shaped? Leona spent hours looking at her face in the mirror. Articles with headings like “Are you an Ectomorph?”, sent Leona into a frenzy of self-doubt. Leona could never come to know the most rudimentary facts about herself. According to The Art of War, if she could not know herself, she could never know others.

Hope Chest is a mystery story. It is a story with no chronology. Comprised of unbound stories that can be shuffled and rearranged, there is no past nor future. Everything is in the present. Much like how Leona herself experiences her life. Commissioned as an artist book edition for Kreativ Hus. Excerpts from this edition are available in limited edition prints.