Archive Projects

The following  archive projects are the result of collaborating with My Name is Scot. We used both our own archives and we have worked with the Art Metropole archives as well.

For our archive project, Hoarding, we used work that represented over fifteen years of collaborative and independent, text based works. The installation collaged content, chronicled (both real and imagined) moments in time, and documented the ongoing struggle of artist run culture to (cheaply and meaningfully) insert itself into the public realm.

Once the archive was installed, the viewer/reader was invited to decipher our shared storylines and uncover the individual convictions of each artist and perhaps, as a result, consider the infrastructure of their own discourse.

In an earlier archive project, Scot and I collaborated together to work with the archives from the Wandering Art Metropole Publications and Ephemera Project. Art Met invited several artists to work with their archives.

Our curated section was called The New Archive Project. We asked artists to use the materials as the basis of a new archive. Artists were invited  to submit new materials to the archive. Artists were asked to consider the curated archived materials when they built their new archive contribution. The new archive was kept in Vancouver after the Art Met show was packed up.