FRONT Magazine

A flowchart text about futility

“A Man and his dog,” published FRONT Magazine. Vol xvi No 3, May/June 2005

Flowchart story

Flowchart, published in FRONT Magazine and Geist Magazine, Volume 10, No 42 written by Leannej and designed by Andreas Kahre

Flowchart of a story about fish

Fighting Fish published in FRONT Magazine 2002

A story about life in flowchart form

Published in FRONT Magazine May/June issue 2008


Pitchblende published in FRONT Magazine March/April 2006

From 1999 to 2008, I  worked as the managing editor of FRONT Magazine, which was published by the artist-run centre, The Western Front. Part of my job included “installing text” in the magazine with a regular column that was based on flowcharts. Over the years the flowcharts became very popular, winning a Western Magazine Award and several nominations. Included are a few of the over 30 flowcharts produced for FRONT Magazine.