Upcoming Screening of Calculating 63

Please join us for this worthy event and catch the Vancouver premiere of Calculating 63, a video collaboration by my name is scot and leannej.


Friday Night, January 14, 2011, 8pm SHARP!
@ dharmalab, 1814 Pandora (N. of Hastings, E. of Commercial @ Salsbury) Vancouver
$5 suggested donation (toward production expenses)

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Sniper was one of the largest text installations I have done. The text was installed in the Vancouver Public Library in September 2006. I had the help of a very talented young designer, Katie Webster, who helped to transform the text from the page to a 12 foot by 12 foot poster.

It was very sad that two weeks before we installed the text, a student walked into Dawson college on Setember 16, 2006 and shot several students. I was a little concerned because Sniper talks about the random violence,  and compares this Dawson like violence to war and also violence against women.

Sniper looks at how the media reports tragedies, how it assigns blame (or not) to the victims of violence.

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