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You can find a new flow chart of mine in the latest issue of Geist magazine. In issue 106, I explore the politics of crossing the road and other things…. I am in good company with the awesome Carol Sawyer and Stephen Smith some really great writers. This issue is curated by editor-in-residence, Jordan Abel.

Geist 106 has arrived! Featured in our Fall 2017 issue: the winners of the 13th Annual Literal Literary Postcard…

Posted by Geist Magazine on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

30 Seconds

I took a digital storytelling workshop and I wanted to share this text piece I made during the workshop.  I made this as a response to the overdose deaths that are happening in my neighbourhood and in neighbourhoods all over Canada and beyond. Let’s work together to the fentanyl crisis.

Travel Exhibition: Seasons and Directions

An artist book show at Massey College in May.

My work, “Hope Chest” will be part Seasons and Directions as part of a collection on display at Massey College, Toronto, ON May-August 2017 / Monday to Friday 10am-5pm

The Travel Exhibition is an artist book Collection with the themes of Seasons and Directions. In 2014, the project was initiated by book artist Manuela Büchting who asked Canadian and European artists to participate at the book arts project. The artist collection is continously growing and travelling. For more information, visit:  Deer Press.


Excerpt from Hope Chest

Excerpt from Hope Chest

Hope Chest in Print Ready VII: Stockholm Edition
Books shown in Print Ready VII: Stockholm Edition

SNEAK PREVIEW of books/zines in Print Ready VII: Stockholm Edition



Hope Chest is part of the Print Ready VII: Stockholm Edition.

Pictured here in order of appearance:

Return to Babeland by Jeffry Lee (karmazotz press, 2015–16)
Fluid Feeling by Melanie Thibodeau (Kiosk, 2016)
GOOF MILK by Justin Gradin (2015)
DOG 2 (DDOOGG, 2016)
Hope Chest by leannej (2015)
Sleep by William Dereume (Kiosk, 2016)
The State of Art by Annette Avalon (Brick Press, 2015)

Join us for a book launch

July 30 – book launch from 2 to 4 pm:

“Re-reading the Riot Act” a new book by leannej (the first in a series of Rereading The Riot Act books, co-published by Publication Studio and UNIT/PITT)

“Natural Progress” by Kate Noble, a new edition of “A User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible” by the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination.

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ReReading the Riot Act II-Performance Cabaret

The Waldorf Hotel

Wednesday, June 15 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm

An an ongoing interrogation of the historical events of April 23, 1935 — when Mayor Gerry McGeer read the Riot Act to the relief camp protesters, their families and supporters gathered at Victory Square — Rereading the Riot Act_ Performance Art Cabaret offers contemporary responses to Vancouver’s turbulent labour history.

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